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Simple rule of Triumph Buying - Spend as much as you can on a decent bodied car. I don't think you should be put off with defect mechanicals as even a good-as-new recon engine will cost around 500UKP. Exchange gearboxes can be had for 200 notes, so it pays to get a car with a good body

Spitfiremk3-front2-s.jpg (14487 bytes)    Gt6_Mk3-front-s.jpg (5654 bytes)


rust-spots.jpg (73104 bytes)

Click on the image above to see the most likely rust affected areas.

In addition, these are all from the Vintage Triumph Register and though they are US-based, most things still apply, just remember to take an English-American phrase book along -  hood=bonnet, top=hood, trunk=boot - you get the gist...

VTR Buyers Guides